May 11, 2022 5 min read

Why do customers choose Gecko HRM over Bamboo HR?

Growing fast but the thought of tracking employee absences or ensuring employee records are safe, secure and GDPR compliant gives you shivers? It is time to ditch your traditional HR solution. Outstanding employee experience can not be built on a poor foundation.

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Human Resources Management (HRM) systems are designed to help you manage your company’s growth and its team members. But not all solutions are built alike. Growing businesses require a flexible solution to meet your specific needs today and will grow with you in the future.

Check out 5 characteristics that stand Gecko HRM apart from Bamboo HR.

  1. Gecko HRM is built on the world’s most innovative cloud technology developed by Salesforce.
  2. You can use Gecko HRM just the way it is or completely adapt it to your needs.
  3. Gecko HRM delivers what you need with all the different countries’ specifics and languages you want.
  4. The unique features in Gecko HRM “My Team” module give the leaders tools to skyrocket the potential of their team.
  5. Gecko HRM is built on the most trusted cloud technology in the world and offers highly complex solutions for data protection and IT security.

Let’s see why Gecko HRM is the best choice for you!

1. Salesforce Cloud technology is the turbocharged engine that powers Gecko HRM.

The traditional cloud solutions often lock you into the functionalities they provide with a few updates a year. With Gecko HRM this is not the case. Salesforce is the world leader in cloud innovation ensuring the highest standards of performance, reliability, and security. It is an advanced platform with unlimited capabilities to develop applications to meet different business needs.

As a global leader in Cloud technology, Salesforce has a simple philosophy.

“Any solution based on Salesforce Cloud technology should be flexible and quickly adapt to a customer’s needs.”

Gecko HRM has utilized the outstanding capabilities of the Salesforce platform. It is not just our statement. Our customers think alike. Gecko HRM has the best App rating in the HR category on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The Best Rated Application in the HR category on the AppExchange!

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Best rated HR app on Salesforce App Store

Have all your HR processes in one tool!

2. Just the way it is or completely adapted to your needs. Gecko HRM will solve your unique business needs at scale.

Whether you’ve realized that spreadsheets aren’t the best way for HR to manage administrative tasks or you’ve outgrown a legacy system, there is indeed a better way. When growing fast you need a HR solution that will keep up. You can use Gecko HRM without any adaptations or completely remodel it to scale up what you are already doing well.

The platform has no limits to requirements. Our customers have built many additional modules to support their processes. Once customers understand the power of the platform they have come up with amazing ideas to simplify processes for their employees and find creative ways to incorporate more functionality into Gecko HRM by themselves.

Besides its modules in general use, there are many additional cool and creative features we have built with our customers so far.

  • A complete unanimous process for eVoting.
  • Business Car Fleet management and Vehicle Reservations.
  • Open Office – Workstation Bookings.
  • Random rewards submission for colleagues.
  • Travel Management and many more.

As there is no one-size-fits-all solution to improve employee experience, there is also no one-size-fits-all solution to all of the distinctive processes in different teams, departments and organizations. Keep in mind that your HRM application must grow with your company.

Check if your potential new HRIS offers the ability to pick and choose between modules (from administrative HR to strategic Talent Management) and give you all the flexibility of what to implement in the first steps and define the ones that must wait for later steps of implementation for various reasons.

3. Gecko HRM delivers what you need with all the different countries’ specifics and languages you want.

Gecko HRM is built on an advanced platform with unlimited capabilities to develop further to support your HR team. It offers flexibility to build country specific annual leave calculations, it has the option to translate its modules into any language you want, and it offers many other great features that Bamboo HR doesn’t.

Let’s check them out.

Heard enough and ready to see Gecko HRM in action?

4. The unique features in Gecko HRM “My Team” module give the leaders tools to skyrocket the potential of their team.

Gecko HRM gives your managers some unique tools to manage and develop their team in the best possible way. Managers get a complete picture of their team with a few clicks. Such an important feature but yet so many times left out by many HR solutions.

“My Team” provides access to data and insights to help your managers lead more effectively and streamline processes.

  • Absences and working from home information.
  • Team performance updates.
  • Project members and training overview.
  • Other people’s insights and analytics.
  • Goals and feedback reviews.

5. Gecko HRM is built on the Salesforce technology, the most trusted cloud technology in the world.

At Gecko HRM we take data protection and privacy seriously as it gets. Our solution is built on Salesforce technology, the most trusted cloud technology in the world. That is why security is built into everything we do and we offer multiple controls to ensure your data stays safe.

When App access is in question, administrators can control when employees can log in from all the way down the field they can see. Single sign-on enabling centralized access management.

Data Centers have different levels of security: biometric access, cameras, and 24-hour security. Salesforce also undergoes rigid assessment and external certifications, such as ISO 27001, TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal, SOC 1 &2, and many more.

As technical innovators we are aware of the responsibility for handling customer’s personal data and underlying ethical considerations of digital technology. Privacy by design and privacy by default are embedded in our work processes and culture of accountability is our company’s foundation. Gecko HRM supports thorough GDPR compliance made in a partnership between us and our customers.

To wrap it up

Many cloud solutions today offer great functionality but much less flexibility and many local processes still need to be managed outside the application in spreadsheets.

Gecko HRM is a fusion of state-of-the-art cloud technology with an incredible platform that gives you the flexibility to adapt to the changing environment, your needs, and in the end the ability for the application to expand as your business does. Gecko HRM with the power of the Salesforce platform driving our application gives you a lot more options than an application such as Bamboo HR!

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