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Why do I love HR?

Gregor Mesarić, Gecko HRM Sales Consultant
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When I’m talking with my friends, colleagues, and other contacts from HR field, they often ask me three simple questions (maybe they are not as simple as they look if you are not well prepared while being asked):

Why do I love HR?
  • What is the most important thing for me in my life?
  • Which events or memories from the past I will never forget and always carry in my heart till the end of my life?
  • What am I most proud of?

No matter what kind of a version of the questions above appears, my answer is always connected with my children, family, friends, and wonderful colleagues, i.e. the people who surround me.

In my past work experience, I had the opportunity to get to know various industries: construction, sales, and marketing. Each of these experiences gave me something and led me to my true love – HR. Today I know what my mission is and why I really enjoy doing my job so much. Instead of building the mighty towers, viaducts, and other construction projects, I’m primarily building relationships with my colleagues and our (potential) business partners today.

Instead of daily ‘’cold sales’’ and large number of sales meetings, my primary purpose today is to inform our partners and potential clients about how they can digitize and optimize their HRM processes and how they can save valuable time so that they can invest that time on development and personal growth of individuals in their company.

I often meet companies that invest a lot of money in personal development and their employees’ well-being, companies that do a lot of things to attract the best talents, develop them, and try to keep them on a long term.

At the same time, unfortunately, I also meet companies that don’t give much on their employees, limit them with high plans, irrelevant goals, and KPIs, treat them like machines or robots and create an overall negative working environment. It is not a surprise that today, these companies (who don’t invest in their own employees) have the biggest problems with finding and recruiting new colleagues and keeping the existing ones.

So why do I love HR?

Because I know that the heart of every company is actually their employees and because with my work, I can spread good HR practices and help HR departments to focus on employee development and not only on core administration. I also believe that with my work, I can detect some poor HR practices in companies and slowly and gradually (of course with HR and management support) turn them into good ones.