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The hiring process is like flirting.

Nina Huš, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Agilcon
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Imagine – you’ve just got a negative reply about your job application. As if the bitter taste of being rejected isn’t enough, they’ve had the guts to ask you to take a survey and give feedback about your experience with the hiring process. “Well, I wasn’t hired, so I’ll simply give the bad feedback,” some might think.

The hiring process is like flirting.

Think again – why would they even ask you to take Recruitment satisfaction survey? The hiring process is like flirting. Both, the candidate and hiring manager want it to have a good outcome in the form of a new employee who is a perfect fit for the requirements and excited to join the team. So they both do their best to keep the communication clear and up-to-date. But even so, sometimes the company-candidate relationship just doesn’t work out.

And what is the thing you want to learn from every failed relationship? “What went wrong and what could’ve been done better.” 

Many candidates do just that – after getting a negative reply, they ask what they could work on and improve for the future. Why wouldn’t companies ask that as well?

Hence, Recruitment satisfaction survey. In Agilcon, we send it to every candidate who is rejected, or changes his mind, after a certain step in our hiring process, as well as to every new employee who joins our team.

Here are 7 tips for Recruitment satisfaction survey:

  1. Create anonymous, cute by design, mobile friendly and easy to analyze survey (Maybe integrated with your Gecko HRM recruitment module?)
  2. Ask straightforward and short questions but include an open-ended question for giving a general opinion.
  3. Don’t take it personally! The majority of answers were given a few seconds after reading the rejection sentence …
  4. … HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean they’re irrelevant.
  5. Be critical when analyzing the results…
  6. … HOWEVER, be also self-critical!
  7. Write down and assess the outlines, improve the hiring process, and improve the Survey itself.

So, why implementing Recruitment Satisfaction Survey is a good idea? To optimize the interviewing, optimize the hiring process, and offer a good, professional, yet friendly candidate experience, which results in recognizing and hiring the best fits for open positions. 

And, dear candidate, here’s why you should answer those few questions after the ‘relationship’ is over:
With your feedback, you can help the next candidate, who might just be one of your friends, to experience even better hiring process and get a preferable outcome.
Someone else might be filling out a similar survey, that will help you in the future, at this very moment …

Happy flirting!