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The creative working environment through the eyes of a rookie

Gregor Mesarić, Gecko HRM Sales Consultant
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When I went to my first job interview at Agilcon (about six months ago), I suddenly stopped before entering the headquarters because I noticed a big ''MH'' sign at the top of the building. A few minutes later, I found out that ''MH'' stands for ''Modra Hiša''. Modra - meaning 'blue color' and 'being wise' in slovenian language. So literally, I was invited to a 'Wise House''.

The creative working environment through the eyes of a rookie

At that moment, two thoughts passed through my brains:
          1. “Agilcon’s color is blue. I bet they own the whole ”MH” building… wow!”
          2. “If they are located in the Wise House, is it possible that their interior would also be a kind of wise and creative?”

It turned out that I was totally wrong regarding my first thought, but I hit the bullseye with the second one.

Open office… no walls & almost no doors

After the first one, I went to the second and the third job interview and with every visit, I got more and more familiar with Agilcon’s office interior. I quickly noticed that the whole interior was designed as an ”open office” without massive walls and almost without any doors.

I was immediately impressed because I could easily find a few important benefits: better communication (flow of ideas) and more interaction between colleagues (cohesive team), accessibility of colleagues and leadership (there are no barriers or doors, except those into the toilet and meeting rooms), etc.

I was extremely surprised by the fact that Agilcon’s open office was very quiet (almost as the library) most of the time and not as noisy as other similar working environments where it is usually very loud. But I didn’t really know what the reason for that silence was.

Today, when I’ve been a part of Agilcon’s team for almost 4 months, everything is more clear and logical. The majority of the Agilcon’s team is represented by Programmers & Developers, who develop advanced CRM and (Gecko) HRM applications for our customers most of the day and they are 100% focused on their job. When they sync to each other in internal meetings they usually use small booths or one of our meeting rooms (depending on the number of participants). If you need a little privacy and silence you can always use our special relax spots or booths if maybe you just need to make a quick private phone call.


A creative working environment = satisfied employees = a successful company


During past few weeks, I got even more familiar with our Wise creative working environment as a part of Agilcon’s team. I realized that our office is equipped with:

  • modern kitchen for preparing healthy or little less healthy meals,
  • our own library so that we can learn and grow as individuals (which is also one of our core values),
  • a tribune (for our weekly All-Hands meetings and other occasional events),
  • ergonomic chairs for each employee, relaxation sitting bags and balance balls, massage table (not only for decoration, but for massages with our own masseuse),
  • and a basket for basketball (for making funny basketball tricks and reducing stress).


Of course, it wouldn’t go without a sweet & fruit corner where you can find nuts, croissants, fresh fruits, and occasionally even delicious sweet specialties made by our colleagues. Our “wise office” often spoils us with a wonderful view of Mount Saint Mary and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (except when the fog descends on Ljubljana).

At Agilcon, it is not all about the profit and the revenue (yes, you read that correctly), but more about the company culture and employee satisfaction. That’s why there is not only our office which is well equipped but also the feet of our employees with lovely Agilcon’s slippers.



Even in the ”Wise House”, however, everything is not always perfect. At the beginning of 2019, our creative working environment became ”too tight” for all the new employees we intended to employ. Of course, we immediately began to solve this problem in the way we know best – the engineering problem-solving. We simply expanded the existing office and occupied most of the 2nd floor in our ”Wise House”, so we have some extra space.

Will you join us?