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The Challenge of Recruiting Millennial Developers!

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2016 was a very successful year for Gecko HRM, not only did we add a record number of new customers, but we have also added some very big enterprise size ones. With the success also came the need to further expand our Gecko HRM team. In 2016 we decided on an aggressive monthly hiring plan. No problem, right? Not quite, reality was something different.

The Challenge of Recruiting Millennial Developers!

Reality Check
We approached the recruiting process as always, create a job posting for programmers/developers and let the applications role in. Well, unfortunately nothing was rolling in, the reality was they were trickling in at best. We quickly fell behind our recruiting goals for 2016. Developers are still highly in demand especially in mobile apps and cloud technology. As months went by and we were steadily falling behind our recruitment targets, we decided to pivot and change our strategy.

Recruiting is a sales process
We set down to brainstorm and identify the problems and realized we must approach our recruiting like a sales process. First we identified our strengths, one of them being that Agilcon in 7 years has had a 0 % churn rate, which is quite an accomplishment. This was the starting point of our recruiting campaign. We must show potential candidates why Agilcon is such a great environment to work in. We also focused on different medias (LinkedIn, Facebook, our website etc…). We soon realized that Facebook became our number one recruiting portal. We started recording and taking pictures of the fun stuff that goes on around the office, and the feedback we were getting was very positive.

Recruiting Tools
As part of recruiting it is vital to keep your applicants informed and that you can quickly respond to the applications as well as analyze what is and isn’t working for you. This is where Gecko HRM recruiting comes in. First of all it allows us to post job requisition on different channels, the configuration allows you to quickly respond when an application comes in.
We have seen a great increase of applications through their mobile devices, so we respond to applicants using different media from email to SMS. Small things like SMS notifications can make the difference between applicants thinking you are a modern company and up to date. It is no secret that a high percentage of applicants accept jobs offers from the companies who first responded and were efficient in the process.

Gecko Recruiting tools let you automatically notify applicants that their application has been received, allows you to quickly view and process many applications, as well as give you multiple tools to review and respond to the applicants. Powerful Analytics lets you quickly determine from where you are getting most of the applications and which channels are giving you the best candidates. Once the best channels are identified you can then focus your resources and campaigns on the ones that work.

The future of Recruiting
There is no doubt that in the near future recruiting will change drastically with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The early adaption of Artificial intelligence has begun. Salesforce has introduced Einstein AI, which comes as part of their platform making it available for Gecko HRM as well.

Gecko HRM holds a lot of information that in itself doesn’t help you much, we can run some standard analytics which starts to paint a picture. We can run the reports and draw our own conclusions. With Einstein’s AI we will be able to go further and truly connect the dot and gain a powerful tool in our decision making.

For example as we find it harder and harder to receive applications it will become more critical that we hire the right fit employees. Einstein AI will have the ability to look at all the data available, to see which employees that we have hired have the highest contribution rates and use that data to identify applicants who will be suitable for your company and will contribute in a positive way. Another way Einstein AI will help, is by being able search the web and find candidates who perfectly fit your company’s ideal profile. The future is starting to take shape with Salesforce role out of Einstein’s AI.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea how AI helps CRM and imagine what it will do for Recruiting:

Recruiting in the 21st century is an evolving process and your ability to adapt quickly will be the only way for your to stay competitive. First change your approach, recruiting has become a sales process as you must entice applicants to want to join you, secondly use recruiting tools that will help speed up and streamline the process and finally embrace new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to give you an edge in finding the people your company requires.

We at Agilcon are facing new challenges as our recruiting plans have increased for 2017. We are constantly working on finding new ways (ex. outbound campaigns to former applicants) to entice applicants to join our great team.