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New Season, Focused team, and Updated Gecko HRM

Daniel Bogoev, Business Development Manager – Gecko HRM
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Once again, it is time to give you an update on what we have been up to with Gecko HRM. Another incredible and exciting year is behind us.

New Season, Focused team, and Updated Gecko HRM

We have developed a new vision for Gecko HRM and our product development roadmap will bring many new exciting features. We have expanded into new markets including, England, Russia, and Serbia. Our team is growing at an exponential rate and over the next 6 months, will double our office space.

The Gecko HRM team

Our success in the last couple of years would not be possible without our incredible team of developers, customer success, our values, and team spirit. Our focus remains on providing an environment that is friendly and encouraging to all our employees to contribute and be proud of their contribution to our product, but most importantly, to the satisfaction of our clients. I couldn’t be prouder of our team. They adapt to the rapidly changing IT environment, especially on the Salesforce platform, so quickly!


What is our New Vision?

Our customers have expressed a wish that Gecko HRM becomes the central entry point for all the employees. With this in mind, we have reengineered the concept of how employees enter Gecko. Gecko HRM Homepage is the only page the employees see, which incorporates all the functionalities in one place. We have expanded our homepage to include the latest company news, links to other applications, access to important documents and templates, and, of course, the ability to submit and approve requests, corporate employee challenges, guess passes, and a lot more… One of our clients has made their Intranet Homepage. New components to the homepage can be quickly added. Thanks to the Salesforce Lightning technology, the possibilities are limitless and the employee homepage will be ever evolving with new functionalities added on the regular basis.

What’s next on our agenda?

With our new vision and new functionalities, I couldn’t be happier about the exciting direction we are heading. We remain focused on bringing the best user experience and satisfaction to our customer. Gecko HRM will bring HR to the next level and go beyond the traditional Administration and Performance Application. Our focus and vision for Gecko to become a single entry point for all the employees and to garner the feeling for employees that they are a part of the community.