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New Gecko HRM Dashboard

  • Gecko HRM

Gecko HRM introduces the new and very exciting Dashboard re-design. The dashboard does not replace the decision making that comes from reports, but it allows you to get a snapshot at what is going on

New Gecko HRM Dashboard

The new drag and drop dashboard builder lets you easily visualize your data, but most importantly gives the user the power to customize it.

Not only is the new dashboard design modern and visually appealing it goes beyond that. It is flexible allowing you to build multiple reports side by side, choose what type of charts you want to display. You have complete control of which chart is displayed where in the dashboard.

Of course there are times you will need to dig deeper into the data. No problem! From your dashboard you can easily access to complete report associated with the chart. With a simple click you gain access to the full report, which displays the chart, data and the ability to further filter the report as you see fit (screenshot below).

View Report from Dashboard

Don’t want to sign into the application to see the dashboard, no problem Gecko HRM allows you to schedule your dashboard to be delivered to your inbox. You choose how often, daily, weekly or monthly.

Dashboard Scheduling

Gecko HRM Powerful Analytics Tools collects information and helps with solutions when they are most needed. Diversity of the Gecko HRM system enables constant upgrades without disruption in business. Adaptation of new processes ensures constant improvement for the user and freeing up the administration to focus on strategic HR (i.e, recruiting and developing talent).

Career leadership mac screen


Summarize and display data, the way you want! Experience the new dashboard today!