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Love at first Sight – Gecko Homeboard

Daniel Bogoev, Business Development Manager – Gecko HRM
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It is time to take a closer look at our Homeboard. In one of my previous blogs New Season, Focused team, and Updated Gecko HRM (you can find the link at the end of the blog), I discussed our new vision for employees who have become a part of our Employee Hub, a centralized entry point for employees and managers.

Love at first Sight – Gecko Homeboard

Our homeboard completely replaces the need for employees to navigate through the Gecko HRM Application giving them a single entry point from where they can catch up on the latest news, submit requests, see their profile, and much more. Components can be added and removed as you wish. You can move the individual functionality in the order you prefer, for example emphasizing important notices on top of the page.

How it started

In the beginning, our Homeboard was nothing more than a centralized place where employees could submit and approve requests. Of course, we did not want to stop there. It has evolved with our ideas and the valuable input we received from our clients. The functionalities you can add are only limited by one’s imagination.

Let’s take a closer look at some of my favorite features:

Header/Employee Profile 360 – the header consists of a greeting on the top of the page with your name on it and what today’s date is. Most importantly, however, clicking on your name brings you to your profile where all the data related to you is displayed. Maybe you want to see how much vacation days you have left or view your latest Payroll slip. It is all available on your profile. 

Praise a Colleague
It is important to acknowledge good work from the people you work with.
Praising a colleague gives you the opportunity to let him know, you can choose which company value he contributed to and what he did which deserves your praise.
Both, the employee being praised and the manager, will be notified.


Submit Your Idea
As quickly as ideas come to you they can also disappear but now as soon as a great idea pops into your head, you can submit it through Homeboard on your mobile ensuring your great idea will not be lost. 


What’s next?

By no means, we are stopping here. The idea of Homeboard is that new functionality will be added. We already have some great new ideas we are working on. The most powerful aspect of Homeboard is that our clients will be able to build their own components and be able to share them through the Salesforce AppExchange creating a Gecko Homeboard ecosystem.


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