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I am Gecko – Gecko is me

Ana Špec Brezovar, HR Expert at A1 Slovenija
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Approximately two years ago, the decision was made… We were changing our HRM system! 

I am Gecko – Gecko is me

On the day that Gecko was introduced to my company, the first thing that came to my mind was: Gecko? That is a slow, lazy, and little lizard. As an HR expert, I use an HRM system most of my working hours and I certainly do not need something slow!

Today, my mind and heart are filled with Gecko and I cannot get enough of it. For sure, there was some time needed to get a feel of the new system. However, when I got through the first weeks of knowing it, the magic happened…

Coworking space at A1.


I realized, Gecko is very colorful, adaptable, and is always trying to please you. The system is flexible to that extent that even my own ideas/wishes were implemented… Of course, the nice guys from Agilcon did the hard work. 🙂

Some of the features (i.e. organizing medical exams and creating systematization with a single click) were new to me and they all make my working day much nicer. One of the positive things that Gecko gives to the user is that you don’t even know that you need something but it delivers.

Since we are a telecommunication company, the need for the application for mobile phones was obvious. Thus, we digitalized the process of sending out requests and approving absences. The app also enables us to manage our Performance plan. Therefore, we can be in touch with our strategy at all times.

The feedback between peers is also very important to us, so we implemented the module “Pohvali me”, which is a program for praising co-workers for everyday successes. I am sure that everybody gets a smile on his face when he gets the praise from their coworker or superior. I know my smile was big when I got mine – for implementing Gecko in our company.

With all that and more, Gecko and I became one.