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Gecko HRM is getting Einstein’s Brain

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Yes, you heard right, Gecko HRM will be getting a brain. Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Einstein AI (Artificial Intelligence). Salesforce Einstein is removing the complexity of AI, enabling Human Resources to deliver smarter, personalized and more predictive information about employees. Machine learning is the wave of the future.

Gecko HRM is getting Einstein’s Brain

Since Einstein is part of the Salesforce Platform it will be available for Gecko HRM as well. This technology will play an important role for Gecko HRM in the upcoming years. A tremendous amounts of data is being stored in the Gecko HRM Application, AI will help make sense of it and in the process help HR in many ways.

Right now HR is limited to truly powerful analytics, we can take a look at performance, absences run reports and draw our own conclusion and how an employees is doing. Now imagine with AI, you could compare all sorts of data, performance with absences, but most importantly match patterns with other employees (ex. ones that might have left the company) and determine when a person might leave and at the same time have AI recommend who is most eligible to replace them. That is what Einstein AI will bring to Gecko HRM.

Another example is recruiting, as it becomes harder and harder to find the right talent in the global market. Einstein AI will be able to comb through all the applicant data compare it to the employees who have been hired and are high contributors. Then based on that data, identify applicants who are the most suitable for your company and who will positively contribute to the company. It might sound like science fiction but the data is there, it just needs a powerful learning machine that can see relevant insights and predict future behavior.

Take a look at the video below how Einstein contributes to the Salesforce CRM application and see the endless possibilities for HR:

What could possibly be better than Einstein’s AI brain? How about 2 brains!

Why did Salesforce Einstein team up with IBM Watson? Because two AI brains are better then one. Einstein and Watson have teamed up to become best of friends and in the process will further expand Artificial Intelligence processing power.

Gecko HRM sees the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and as Einstein AI evolves it will become a strategic investment for us. We are excited that our application will reach new heights and in the process help HR in a whole new way. Stay tuned as Gecko HRM becomes Artificially Intelligent!