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Gecko HRM invades Slack!

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As our mailboxes implode with emails, it has become our priority to expand approval functionality beyond your overstuffed inbox. We have already integrated with SMS platforms, for different types of notifications. Our latest idea to minimize your inbox headache, is to bring notifications and approvals to Slack.

Gecko HRM invades Slack!

What is Slack?

Slack is one of the fastest growing communication tools for business. It brings all your teams communication together in one place. As stated by their mission statement their goal is to “make people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive”.

Since Gecko HRM is build on top of the Salesforce platform the partnerhsip between Slack and Salesforce directly benefits our Application!

One of the main features of Slack is that it allows integration with other applications. That is why it has caught our attention. We here at Agilcon use Slack as our main communication and collaboration tool and thought it would be great if we could have notifications come straight from Gecko HRM. That is exactly what we did, it started of as simple notifications, such as reminder to enter your hours every Friday, as well as Project update reminders. Well of course it didn’t stop there, we thought it would be great if we could also approve processes. What is more important but to quickly approve vacations, with a click of a button a Manager approves it right in Slack.

What’s Next?

As our inboxes get full and managing them becomes more tedious, we are looking for different communication channels to move HR notifications and approvals to. Slack is just one of those channels. What is next for Gecko HRM? Not only to have SMS notifications but to be able to approve requests by replying to them. Critical approvals cannot wait, so if the managers is on the road they will be able to approve vacation, travel orders, training requests and more… with a simple reply.