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Cool Gecko Spring ‘21 Release Features

Daniel Bogoev, Gecko HRM Solution Architect
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We have come a long way with our Gecko Product and our product development team has been busy with cool new features available to our customers.

Cool Gecko Spring ‘21 Release Features

Gecko gets updated with 3 releases a year and each comes with a bundle of new functionality. No exception in our latest Gecko Spring ‘21 Release. Many of the features incorporated into this release are a combination of where we would like to go and features our clients would like to see. It is a real pleasure to see the end results of what our development team has done and the wonderful ideas of our clients, all wrapped in our Gecko ‘21 Spring Release. So let’s dive into what we have done! 

Gecko Spring ‘21 Release new functionalities

Surveys Redesigned!

Although Gecko surveys have been around for a long time, we challenged the development team to redesign them. The main challenge to them was to reengineer the surveys in a way where creating them and being able to add them to any process would be easier. The results are here! We have designed a new Survey architecture making the creation of surveys easier, we have also added a feature where you can see how the survey will look as you build them and before you send them out. We have added survey functionality to the Training Administration as well as Offboarding. Of course our survey features can be added to any other process in Gecko. The story doesn’t end here, we are expanding the feature set to general surveys, quick pulse surveys on the homepage. Can’t wait to see future enhancement.



Asset Management is a brand new module added to Gecko. This is not just a tool to manage Asset Inventory, we have infused the Asset functionality into our Onboarding and Offboarding process. You can predefine which assets an employee should receive based on the employee group, department or job position they belong to. Once you open the onboarding plan the assets will be automatically pulled in, the only thing left is for the Asset Administrator to assign them. 

Of course when the employee leaves the company, outstanding assets will be automatically added to the offboarding plan ensuring that everything is returned.

Gecko Spring '21 Release Assets


Training Enhancements

Our Training module is one of our most worked on modules, where especially functionalities our customers suggest are being incorporated. No difference here, a lot of the enhancements we have done are the result of ideas presented to us. 

What is new:

  • Track periodic trainings and be reminded for training renewals 
  • Track training costs per training session
  • Managers receive invitation to register team members for training
  • Employee can submit request for external training


My Team

This is one of my favorite additions to Gecko. As one of our product visions “Employee and Manager Empowerment” we have added the “My Team” module for Managers. Managers can now through different views, reports and dashboards get the complete picture of what is going on with his direct and indirect team members. In my next blog we will take a closer look at the functionalities available to the Managers. Don’t miss it! For now here is a screenshot.

Gecko Spring '21 Release My Team



Although Salesforce as such comes with a connector to Outlook and Google Calendar we needed to ensure that we can incorporate the mechanism in all our processes and that it is configurable, so now we can add the event calendar integration into processes such as recruiting interviews, training schedule, performance meetings and anywhere else you have a date based event in Gecko.


Sneak Peek!

Our Gecko Autumn ‘21 Release is around the corner and as always new and exciting features are coming your way. Features like “Feedback” on performance plans, where managers can request other team members to give constructive input and “My Requests” functionality is being expanded where employees will be able to update their own personal data and managers will be able to submit employee job changes.


SO I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN OUR NEXT WEBINAR “GECKO AUTUMN ‘21 RELEASE”. Oh, and if you missed our spring ’21 release webinar, you should check it out here.