August 31, 2022 4 min read

New Gecko HRM will become the must-have solution in 2023!

For almost a decade now, Gecko HRM, a modern HR solution built on Salesforce platform, streamlines and automates HR processes for our customers to create one of a kind employee experience.

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That is why we were absolutely excited a few months ago to announce that our product team will have a busy summer ahead, working on the most thrilling change to our Gecko HRM since its beginnings. To help you stay ahead of the curve, Gecko HRM will become the must-have HR tool in 2023.

And that was not the only great news this summer. In June, we celebrated our milestone of 20.000th user logging into our Gecko HRM for the first time. And we are absolutely not stopping here. We are determined to guarantee a top-notch experience for all 20.000 and those who will join us from here on out.

We listened carefully to create the best possible experience for everyone

Fostering a solid company culture has never been more critical. It is one of the main motivations to attract and retain the best talents and significantly affects employee experience.

And luckily, people are not settling for anything less than outstanding experience. Additionally, by enabling employees to work flexibly, remotely, and globally, today’s HR teams are faced more than ever with how to create and maintain one. So how did we tackle this issue with the new Gecko HRM experience?

We always work closely with our clients to ensure they get the most out of our products. So we listened carefully to what they said about their experience when using Gecko HRM. We attended to their feedback, pain points, and wishes to create a better experience for everyone: HR managers, employees, and team leaders.

What has changed with the new Gecko HRM Experience?

The new interface is streamlined so that you can easily access the functions you need when you need them. We have also added new features that will enable more efficient management of HR functions and help to build a positive employee experience. Our new user interface is designed with busy HR teams, team leaders, and employees in mind. Redesigned to be even more user-friendly and intuitive.

Why is this so important? User-friendly HR software shows employees that their employer values their working time and supports them in performing their tasks as best as possible.

“Our key purpose for creating a new Gecko HRM experience is to support a top-notch employee experience on all possible levels that can be captured with the HRM solution. We will make employees, managers, and HR teams feel better, more connected, and inspired to bring their best to work.”

Iva Krajnc, Gecko Product Manager at Agilcon

Why is Employee Experience so important when using an HRM Solution?

Strong design helps HR teams, managers, and employees adopt an HRM solution easily.

An HRM system needs to be compelling and enjoyable so that HR personnel and employees like to use it. A system that is engaging, helps to build positive employee experiences and creates a sense of belonging for people, near and far.

Investing in a human resource management system will prove futile if the end-users do not feel comfortable enough to engage with it.

“Gecko HRM is moving away from being just an administrative platform to becoming a comprehensive solution that connects, inspires, helps achieve goals, helps build careers, helps an individual manage working time, helps managers be better managers.”

Iva Krajnc, Gecko Product Manager at Agilcon

Genuinely great experiences don’t happen by chance

In the new Gecko HRM experience, every detail must be considered and meticulously crafted with the employees, HR teams, and managers in mind.

Based on a decade of work with world-top Salesforce solutions and best practices, it will undoubtedly turn your perspective on employee experience upside down.

We shared some pieces of the new Gecko HRM look in the last weeks, and would love to hear your feedback.

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