January 31, 2023 5 min read

Make your HR more fun, transparent, and energetic with the new Gecko HRM Homeboard!

“You can succeed best by helping others to succeed.” Therefore, we are proud to announce that the Gecko HRM product team has released the first version of the new Gecko HRM experience, with a strong focus on the improved look and feel of the homeboard that will make your team's path to success easier. You will love it. And we are confident your team will get excited about the HR aspect of their tasks too.

General Gecko Product

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The main idea behind the Gecko HRM homeboard basically remains the same.

Because your jobs are more than just boring to-do lists, your HRM solution should be too. We are turning from the “administrative and operational tool experience” to the new exciting Gecko HRM experience. More energetic and fun to contribute to more charming days at your job.

“Our goal was to make the Gecko HRM homeboard as friendly as possible and improve the clarity and all the functionalities our customers loved so far. So it is still the only touchpoint for all the HR information you need, as you were used to, but it is now easier than ever to access them.”

– Iva Krajnc, Gecko Product Manager at Agilcon

A significant part of the first updated version of the new Gecko HRM experience was to make it beautiful. So people will like to use it. Because, you know, first impressions matter a great deal.

Better adoption means more efficient processes, analytics, and smarter business decisions. And also, user experience is one of the critical factors in the bigger picture of employee experience. With the new Gecko HRM, you’re giving your employees the premium one.

How did we tackle improving the Gecko HRM homeboard experience?

We’re always talking to customers, making it easier to identify some of the problems we need to solve. For example, we conducted many user interviews to learn how they feel and what is important to them about our existing homeboard.

Then, when the new homeboard was designed, we turned to users again to see their first impressions and get their feedback about what stood out to them and what we missed.

How does the new Gecko HRM homeboard work in practice?

We exposed the most relevant and frequently used information to make them easier to find. And you only have to dig deeper into the system if you need more information than what is presented on the homeboard.

Here are six ways how the new Gecko HRM homeboard will make it easier for you to manage your everyday tasks and keep the vibe up.


You’ll always feel like part of the team and know where to find your colleagues, whether in the office, hybrid, or remote. As it’s easy to use and accessible at first glance, your employees will feel more engaged and empowered. This way, they can focus on what they do best: achieving amazing things together!


All relevant information that must be “on the top of mind” is now collected in one place. This improved window shows updates about your assignments in a time-relevant way and summarizes them to keep things from getting overwhelming. For example, you can see some open tasks’ statuses and get reminded of important deadlines in a more attractive way. Gecko HRM will also invite you to complete a task with encouraging messages to keep your day bright and shiny no matter what awaits you next.


Need a break? Seeing your available vacation days and making a request is simpler than ever in the new Gecko HRM. These options are placed right on the top of the homeboard. Because we know how important it is to take time for yourself and your loved ones!


In the new Gecko HRM homeboard, you can congratulate users on their achievements and unique moments. Users will receive a congratulatory card on their home screen on occasions such as their birthday, promotion, service anniversary, new role, or first day at work. Seeing the card makes users feel proud of their achievements and appreciated by their manager(s), which positively impacts their engagement and loyalty.


Kudos and shoutouts encourage interactions and boost a company community. Use fun lines and jokes to lighten the mood, give shoutouts to celebrate your people’s achievements, and encourage everyone’s participation.


This section boosts the feeling of being a part of the team. It solves the “Who’s that new guy/gal in the hallway?” problem. It’s where you’ll see information about all the new people at your company, exciting insights, and info about birthdays. Employees get a feeling about what is going on in the company.

How do our customers respond when they see the new Gecko HRM homeboard?

“Our clients are excited when they see the new look and feel of the Gecko HRM homeboard. Their most frequent feedback is that Gecko HRM brightens your morning when you open it to see what is going on and check all the tasks for the day. It is very lively and playful. And they love the feature with employee data and current leave status placed on the homeboard without additional clicking”.

– Gregor Mesarić, Senior Sales Gecko Consultant

What’s more to come?

New Gecko HRM Experience will still support everyone in your organization, from HR leaders to managers to employees, but will now create even more engaging and collaborative experiences for everyone.

So, of course, we didn’t forget those who lead each stage of the employee lifecycle and hustle to achieve better attraction, development, and retention. Managers themselves! The following versions of the new Gecko HRM experience will bring them an improved version of the My Team module. Activity feed will give them an improved version of updates about important actions in their team. The “What’s coming up?” section will make it easier for them to stay in the loop and empower each team member to do their best work. But that is not all. Stay tuned for other novelties of “My Team” in our next blog.

Make sure your HR team, managers, and employees like to use your HRM solution!

It’s important for an HRM system to be compelling and enjoyable so that HR personnel and employees actually want to use it. An engaging system helps build positive employee experiences and creates a sense of belonging for remote and on-site employees alike. Investing in a HRM system will be pointless if the end-users don’t feel comfortable using it.

Personalized experiences and easy access to information via technology platforms are a must. So make sure your HR solution is up to par! ?