June 7, 2022 4 min read

Lidl Slovenia is breaking new ground in the increasingly competitive labor market!

Lidl Slovenia is breaking new ground in the increasingly competitive labor market! 07. Jun 2022 BLOGGECKO HRMTRENDING Lidl Slovenia's commitment to discovering new ways of doing things and a powerful HR solution built on Salesforce have created paths to find the best fit for Lidl Slovenia's team. When and where it is needed. Check out how Lidl Slovenia responded to the challenging battle for talents.

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Lidl Slovenia, welcome to the Gecko family!

Lidl Slovenia recently received the titles “Top Employer Slovenia 2022” and “Top Employer Europe 2022” and was trying to enhance the job seeker experience with a powerful digital solution to answer the more and more demanding labor market.

For all those looking for a new challenge, the company set up an “Orbita priložnosti,” an online opportunity to gain insight into its activities and careers before presenting them to the general public.

“Currently, the employment process occurs individually according to the individual vacancy. When we are looking for new employees, either due to the expansion of teams or the replacement of existing staff, we publish a job advertisement. If no candidate was selected in the procedure, we repeated the call within the established framework.”

Tina Poje, Head of Human Resources and Employee Relations at Lidl Slovenia

Lidl Slovenia’s team knew they had to find two critical competencies for effective digital solution implementation. First, powerful technology is a foundation for building a modern application for employees and future talents. And second agility, which allows adapting fast to market conditions. Gecko HRM, a modular and flexible solution built on Salesforce, was the right choice to support their needs and help them come to life.

Opening the door to new possibilities for all

“Orbita priložnosti” is a talent pool web page allowing potential employees to register in the database, even when no openings exist. By registering, an individual selects the jobs they are interested in. When a job corresponding to their profile is created, they receive a notification with the invitation to apply.

“The portal allows us to contact a person who meets specific criteria in a short time in case of the need for a particular profile, even though they did not apply for the open job position. This is a new dimension of attracting potential colleagues. “

Tina Poje, Head of Human Resources and Employee Relations at Lidl Slovenia

All interested candidates can apply to our talent pool, regardless of their field of work (sales, warehousing, or administration). All they have to do is fill in their details: contact, the area of work they are interested in, what kind of position they are looking for (full-time, student, etc.), and a region of interest. Of course, the more career-oriented data a candidate enters, the more precisely technology can determine which opportunities suit them best.

All the data is securely kept for two years, giving our HR department and job seekers a wide range of opportunities.

Lidl Slovenia also provides candidates with regular information on advertised jobs, career advice, educational content, etc. The main advantage from job seekers’ perspective is that they are among the first to find out about attractive employment opportunities.

“With the “Orbita priložnosti,” we will be able to get in touch more quickly with candidates who meet the job conditions, thus ensuring a more efficient recruitment process. The candidate’s experience with finding a job will also be more pleasant, as he can get a job at Lidl after submitting the application.”

Tina Poje, Head of Human Resources and Employee Relations at Lidl Slovenia

At Agilcon, we believe that the digital future is, above all, an opportunity for closer integration. That is why we passionately pave the way for those most important to our customers – customers and employees. So when Lidl Slovenia presented the features they were looking for, we knew that Gecko HRM, our modular and flexible application, would be an excellent solution to support all talents with a platform to launch them on different career paths.

With the capabilities of the Salesforce platform, Gecko HRM was fully adapted to the customer business needs.

“Custom solution correspondent with Lidl Slovenia’s needs was built from a Gecko HRM comprehensive toolbox already available and developed by our team on the top-notch Salesforce Cloud technology. We adapted and fully customized it to meet all the customer’s needs. As a result, “Orbita priložnosti” meets the highest reliability, security, and compliance standards.”

Iva Krajnc, Gecko Product Manager at Agilcon

The implementation and the entire project also cover the area of personal data management. Both partners on this project take security very seriously. After all, the trust of customers is crucial. However, human resources data is susceptible, so companies must provide advanced security capabilities in the infrastructure, network, and application.

Again, we learned that the technology you choose as a foundation for your solution is important. Still, no project can have such a successful outcome without great collaboration among the teams involved. When everybody steps together for the same goal, all the tasks can be solved smoothly and effectively. Undoubtedly, both teams worked as nicely oiled machines, contributing to success.