April 6, 2021 2 min read

Get to know Gecko: How to improve your recruiting process?

Recruiting process is not just the first but also employees' one of the most important experiences with a company ...


Lučka Žunič , Marketing Assistant

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… however the complete recruiting experience is one of the most overlooked strategies when it comes to developing a strong employer branding. It refers to all candidates, not just the one we hire. Among other things, the relationship between a company and candidates can continue long after the recruitment process is concluded, even if the candidate was not selected. And that is when marketing and human resources come together. Most likely this happens so that new stars in terms of the recruiting process and employer branding can be born.

In marketing context we could talk about a customer journey and when we think of the recruiting process we could call it an employee journey. The experience refers to a so-called touchpoint, which means all of the past experiences the candidate has had when being in contact with us. It is all about the perception and conception the candidate creates based on what we as a company do, for example what we do in terms of marketing activity, what our web page looks like, how the recruiting advert is written, how we communicate with people and even what do our offices look like and how are we dressed on an interview with our candidates.

Employer branding and recruitment are closely related. They are both connected to the reputation of our company as an employer. With everything we are letting the world know who we are as an employer.

Lately life is being very unpredictable so being a People and Culture Manager (or Human Resource Manager, whatever you choose to call it) is getting more demanding every day. Also skills that are required for certain job positions have shelf life. One of the biggest insecurities is definitely the fact that we don’t know for sure what expertises will be needed in the future, because the increase in teleworking is causing the renovation and automatisation of different processes. This as well emphasizes the importance of thoughtful planning of an employee journey and complete recruiting experience. Remember that a company is only as good as its people. And great people want to be related to great brands. Thoughtful planned journeys can result in a priceless added value and even competitive advantage, but definitely a favorable corporate reputation.

Working in a human resource can be full of challenges and we truly believe that HR Managers are doing a great job managing all of the tasks. But to be able to dedicate more time to the most important part of your company – your employees – we must let the technology help us do the work. If you haven’t already, watch the video below and get to know more about the recruiting process in Gecko HRM.