December 2, 2019 2 min read

Gecko HRM, just in time for Christmas

This year, I am very excited about what can be found under the Christmas tree, a brand new Gecko HRM for small and midsize companies. In the last few years, Gecko has had tremendous success with enterprises.


Daniel Bogoev , Gecko HRM Solution Architect

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As our brand grows and we get more and more interest from small to midsize companies, we decided to take the best of the best and package it into a complete application that comes pre-configured out of the box. Best of all, it doesn’t have to stay that way: it is easily configurable by you to your needs.

Gecko HRM is a cutting edge technology that addresses the main issues of an HRIS which are compliance, transparency, user experience, organized employee data, and automation of processes.  

Unwrapping the key Benefits:

  • Employee Hub – a centralized access point for all employees
  • Efficient and pleasant onboarding experience ensure your employees are engaged from their first day
  • Organized Employee Data – all in one place
  • Ensure your employees have a great user experience
  • Automated approval processes – stop running around with papers collecting signatures
  • Advanced analytics tools in the hands of the users
  • Compliance – ensure you are and stay compliant (GDPR doesn’t have to be scary)
  • Seamless candidate experience
  • Smooth and pleasant off-boarding process

A gift that keeps on giving

Gecko will continue to upgrade and build new functionalities and upgrade the existing ones that will be available to all users of the new app. You will be able to choose when you would like to add new functionalities ensuring proper communications and a smooth rollout. Your company alone will be able to customize the existing functionalities further as per your requirements. 

Let’s wrap it up 

There is no better time than now to add Gecko HRM to your Christmas list and ensure your data is organized, your processes simplified, embrace a great user experience, and make sure you are compliant. You will be up to date with on-going automated improvements and new functionalities.

Remember, just because you are not enterprise-sized today it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best!

Welcome to Gecko HRM, an application of a new generation!