May 18, 2020 2 min read

Gecko Care – Our Answer to the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

A few months ago, we were all surprised with the news that the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which causes COVID-19 was spreading rapidly from China around the world. At the beginning, we could have heard several times that all the panic about the coronavirus is unnecessary as the novel coronavirus is not supposed to be any worse than a seasonal flu, but then ...


Gregor Mesarić , Gecko HRM Sales Consultant

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… epidemic was declared. At Agilcon, the transition to work from home was fortunately quite easy, as we are an IT company and each of the employees basically has their own computer (laptop) with all the software we need to perform our daily work. Nevertheless, every day we hear different, much more unpleasant stories from our friends, acquaintances, and some customers. Thus, some companies are forced to reduce the salaries radically, and send their employees on-hold due to a drastic drop in orders or even lay off.

Our hearts are with everyone who has been affected in any way in recent weeks by the novel coronavirus or its consequences.

In recent weeks, our team has developed Gecko Care (a special version of our popular Gecko HRM application) as a response to all these uncertain conditions. With the new Gecko Care product, we want to help companies return to their offices and at the same time, ensure that everyday tasks are performed as simply and efficiently as possible.

Implementation of Gecko Care is completely free of charge while we also provide you with 3 months of free Gecko HRM use for all your employees. Gecko Care includes the following modules: Workforce Administration, Performance Management, and Intranet portal.

It also includes the analytics and different types of reports, which you can easily create based on the data entered into the system. The Gecko Care offer is valid until the 30th of June 2020.

For any additional information regarding the special Gecko Care offer, you can contact me at

And last but not least, together we will overcome all these uncertain conditions successfully sooner or later and return even stronger and richer for an important life experience. 

Stay healthy and safe. 

We will be happy if you join our Gecko HRM family!