Reporting and Analysis

Create dashboards and reports without the need for IT

Use preconfigured reports or build your own reports and dashboards with our Report Builder. When your CEO needs a report right away, you can just hit send.

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Data at your fingertips

Saves you time and money

How much time do you spend today on finding data and creating reports? Would you like to spend that time doing something more productive? With Gecko you will have access to all HR data and be able to create reports in minutes.

Saves you time and money-1

People analytics

You don't have to be a data scientist

Gecko will provide you with real-time HR data and enable you with insight behind the data. Reporting is easy to use and generates detailed reports on almost any data in Gecko.



Understand the data

Gecko’s dashboards help you view and measure important metrics such as headcount, employment, retention, absences and many others. Visualise, analyse data and identify trends. Dashboards look great for your CEO as well.


Sharing and scheduling data

Export, send and collaborate

Analytics features are included in all features of Gecko so that all users can create and view data they have access to. HR admins have overview of all data and can export and share data to other systems such as BI tools, payroll, ERP and others. If you need reminders, you can use our scheduling feature to send you the data you need at particular time.