Performance management

Move forward by setting goals and giving meaningful feedback

Gecko will help you manage performance and evaluate competencies. Help your team develop, set goals, and do regular check-ins.

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Goals and development

Set goals, setup appraisals

Admins start performance cycles en masse and Gecko invites managers and employees to set or evaluate goals in the system. You can easily get self-appraisals and manager appraisal without spreadsheets and e-mails.


Evaluating competencies

Define and evaluate skills

Gecko lets you create and manage one or several different competency modules. You can define competencies for individual employees, employee groups, positions or departments. You can also categorise them and define assessment scales.


Follow employee progress

Keep track of how your employees are doing

Support your employees on their way to reaching targets and development goals. Plan regular 1:1 check-in meetings where both can evaluate progress.

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Managing feedback

Let them speak

Managers are not the only ones to give evaluation and feedback. In Gecko, your employees can self-evaluate, suggest improvements, and give ideas. Also, managers can ask for feedback from other colleagues and get a 360 view of the employee.


Employees want frequent feedback and Gecko helps managers recognize their contributions and strengths.

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