Employee hub

Workday starts at Employee Hub

Your starting point to access company news, approve requests, and manage other daily HR tasks from your computer or mobile phones.

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Employee self service

Submit absences and other requests

Using MyRequests employees submit leave, sick day and absence requests for manager’s approval. When approved, they get notified by email.


Overview of your tasks

See all you tasks and approval requests

On MyFeed, employees, managers and HR admins can see tasks assigned and access respective workflows or required steps. So everybody always knows what to do next.


Company news

What is going on in the company

Gecko comes with a content management system where you can publish news and articles about what is going on in the organisation. Here you can also store company policies, document templates and much more.


My events

Where all events are

All events related to an employee are shown in their calendar. Performance reviews, interviews, holidays, medical check ups. Makes it easy to plan and check on everything, all year long.

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Employee Hub Features

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Everybody knows your name and birthday

MyColleagues is a source of all employee data that you can search by name, role, or department. So you can easily find a colleague from that meeting last week whose name you just can’t remember.

Meet new colleagues

Instead of wasting everyone’s time walking new colleagues around the office just post their profile and everyone can meet them online. You can even write an introduction post, and hang it in the “Good to know” section.

Out of office

When someone goes on holiday or is absent for other reasons, they activate their banner, so everyone else in the company knows they are unreachable

Give your employees and managers a communication channel!

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