June 29, 2021 2 min read

eSignatures – the next step in Gecko HRM evolution

Yes, it is finally here, eSignature is now part of the Gecko HRM Application. So, say goodbye to paper and hello to simplicity.


Daniel Bogoev , Gecko HRM Solution Architect

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Of course, we had to ensure Gecko quality in the design. We wanted something that can be used throughout any process in Gecko, but of course, our excellent engineers didn’t stop there, they created an app within the app that can also be used in the Salesforce CRM applications as well.

Let’s take a look back?

Let’s take a step back and see how the process used to look. Gecko’s baby steps started with our Document Generator to simplify the process of creating documents. We gave our users control of managing merge templates and the ability to apply the Document Generator in any process. Although generating documents such as Contracts was easy the next steps were time consuming.

Offline-process eSignature

Administrators had to download the document, print it, deliver it to all the signees and then once that was all completed scan and upload the document back into Gecko. What a drag!

The future is here!

Now our Administrators don’t have to leave Gecko at all. Of course, our document generator has been incorporated into our eSignature feature. Users still have complete control over document templates and with a few clicks create the document and send it out to be eSigned. Once all the parties sign the document it will come back to Gecko, in-between you can track the complete status of who has signed it and who still needs to sign in, Gecko of course.

Online-process eSignature

How did we do it?

The first step of course was choosing an appropriate partner. After many discussions with different providers, we found the best fit in SETCCE. A company established in 2001 and that focuses on delivering next generation Digital Transaction Management (DTM) or as their motto goes:

“Continuous design and development of innovative DTM products that help our customers engage digital channels and streamline processes in pure digital fashion is their main focus.”

The Challenge!

Once we selected our partner next we challenged our development team. The main aspects of what we wanted in the product:

  1. Incorporate our Document Generator into the eSignature module.
  2. Ensure the eSignature component can be plugged into any process not only within Gecko but Salesforce as well.
  3. Integrate with our partner so that our users never have to leave Gecko and can see at any moment what the status of a document is.  

After some thought and a few design tweaks our engineers managed to incorporate all our demands, which of course we knew they would, and for that, they deserve a big shout out.

“Congratulations to a team that works hard and keeps impressing me with their creativity and solutions.”

So, what’s next …

Of course, the next step is to implement it. Give us a call and let us make your life easier and start thinking about what will you do now with the extra time saved. Until then, take a look at the demo presentation of this awesome feature!