September 25, 2019 2 min read

Do you still print out the resumes?

The days of submitting absence requests on paper forms are over. And so are the days of applications arriving via post, paper resumes, printing, and stashing into actual folders.


Nina Huš , Talent Acquisition Specialist at Agilcon

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I’m not Lisa, the recruiting evangelist, but I do try my best to recruit best fits for the open positions at Agilcon. How?

Candidates now apply via an online form on our website and by doing so, at that very moment when they insert all the data, attach a CV, and click submit, they appear as applicants for a specific job opening in my Gecko Recruitment module. This way, our whole recruiting team knows exactly, in which stage of the recruitment process the applicant is, who made sure of that, and what is their next step. 

“Did we reach out to XY applicant? Invited him for an interview? Who knows? John. But he’s on vacation with no Internet connection or reception for the next 2 weeks. Oh, snap. Now what?” Remember those days? Me neither.

No more piling up of the applications and chasing colleagues around the office in order to get them to do their recruitment tasks or to get their feedback. The whole recruiting team now gets tasks assigned in Gecko where they can also submit an opinion and approve or reject a candidate. 

Very well, but what about when the hiring process doesn’t end with hiring the candidate? Meaning – how do we comply with data regulations and GDPR? The consent is collected via an application form. Without checking that GDPR checkbox, candidates cannot apply. And after hiring process is finished, with rejecting a candidate, Gecko will automatically delete or anonymize all the data – after a certain period of time and as the law demands.

Either way, the entire communication with the candidate is done via Gecko, including sending the offer. If the recruiting process ends up as every recruiter wishes, with a new employee, a perfect fit for the position, the last thing to do in Gecko is “create a new employee record”. Just by clicking a button “Candidate accepted”. 

With less complicated, smoother, and digitized recruiting process, I can dedicate more time on things which the app can’t do. Maintaining our culture, planning company get-along’s, persuading different initiatives and building a sincere employer brand. No recruiting marketing – no recruitees!

Back to our accepted candidate. Next step: ONBOARDING!