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Informed Decision-Making

“Partnering with the Gecko team for HR digitalization has transformed our processes completly. Gecko HRM offers tailored solutions, custom capabilities, and insightful analytics. With Gecko as our HRM information system, we can make informed decisions, streamline HR tasks, and drive efficiency.”

Natalija Pešić A1 Head of HR

Natalija Pešić

Head of HR @ A1 Serbia

A Game-Changer for Our HR

“Since integrating Gecko, we’ve transformed our HR management from manual, slow operations to a centralized, automated system, enhancing employee support and development. Gecko is enabling us to focus on strategic HR initiatives and our most valuable asset: our people.”

Katarina Ivanović - IF Group profile photo

Katarina Ivanović

Head of HR @ I&F Group

Simplifying Tasks for Entire Team

“Gecko HRM provides us with all the features we need for our business with continuous development, great flexibility, and exemplary support. We customized and expanded the features of Gecko HRM to better suit our needs, and we constantly automate many in-house processes.”

Nenad Gregec Cosylab Gecko Gecko HRM

Nenad Gregec

Former Head of people @ Cosylab