How to Make Your Gecko HRM Do Just About Anything?

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Workforce Administration

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Onboarding and Offboarding

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Performance Management

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Manager Hub

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Reporting and Analysis

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Employee Hub

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How do I start using Gecko?

You will have a dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through every stage of implementing Gecko. From initial guidance and training to seamless data import, our team ensures a smooth transition and supports you at every step of the process.

What HR processes does Gecko support?

Gecko offers comprehensive HR solutions, guiding employees every step of the way. From recruiting and onboarding to performance management and offboarding, we keep employees informed and aligned with company objectives while seamlessly managing their assets.

What languages are supported in Gecko?

Gecko currently supports English, Slovenian, Serbian, and Croatian languages, but don’t worry; if you need another language, Gecko is easy to translate and adapt to your needs.

Can you integrate with other systems?

While Gecko offers integrations with Google and Outlook Calendars out of the box, integration with other systems is available through our ‘Premium Add-On’ feature. For more details, please contact our sales representative.

Do you offer payroll?

Our HR application does not include payroll functionality. Instead, we integrate with dedicated payroll software to ensure optimal performance and compliance while clearly separating duties. Through this integration, we can bring back payslips for employees to access within our system, providing convenient access to all their pay information. This approach offers our HR operations the best combination of functionality, efficiency, and compliance.

What roles can use Gecko?

Gecko offers a range of roles tailored to different HR functions. Employees access HR features relevant to their employment, while HR Administrators oversee data management, onboarding/offboarding, performance, and compliance. Managers handle team performance and development. Additionally, process-specific roles include Recruiting Administrators for recruitment processes, Training Administrators for training initiatives, and Asset Administrators for managing employee assets. Together, these roles ensure efficient HR operations across the entire employee lifecycle. These roles can be seamlessly combined to suit business requirements, ensuring dynamic adaptability across the company.

Does Gecko support multiple organisations?

Yes, Gecko supports multiple organizations, enabling the management of entirely separate entities within one system. This feature empowers businesses to manage distinct entities separately or combine them as needed, offering unparalleled flexibility to adapt to evolving organizational structures and requirements.

How do you create organisational structure in Gecko?

The organizational structure in Gecko is based on the department hierarchy and managerial relationships between employees.

What kind of reports can you create in Gecko?

Gecko offers a wide range of reporting capabilities, allowing users to create various types of reports, including tabular, summary, matrix, and joined reports. These reports can be customized to visualize data in different formats and are instrumental in gaining insights into HR, Performance, and other processes.

Can you export reports?

Of course, Gecko allows users to export reports in various formats, such as Excel and CSV, providing flexibility in sharing and analyzing data.

How can I set reminders for recurring events or contracts that expire?

Some notifications come out of the box with Gecko, such as reminders to complete certain process steps by deadlines. Additionally, administrators can subscribe to various reports in Gecko to receive summaries, including reminders about contract expirations. These features ensure timely awareness of important events and deadlines within the system.

Can you do surveys in Gecko?

Yes, Gecko Surveys enables the creation and distribution of stand-alone surveys. This means you can send ad-hoc surveys directly to your employees. Additionally, Gecko Surveys integrates with other modules, such as Onboarding, Offboarding, or Training Administration, where surveys are seamlessly incorporated into the workflow.

How long does it take to implement Gecko?

The implementation timeline for Gecko varies depending on the selected modules and the extent of customization required. The offer provides a specific estimate that takes into account each organization’s unique needs and requirements.

Can you post jobs directly from Gecko?

Job ads can be posted directly from our Gecko Recruitment Module to your company website via an iframe provided by Gecko. 

How does Gecko ensure the security and privacy of your data?

Built on the industry’s most trusted infrastructure with EU-based cloud co-locations, Gecko keeps your data safe and accessible. Some of the most prominent global financial institutions and other organisations from regulated industries prefer Salesforce.

Is Gecko mobile-friendly for on-the-go access?

The native HR mobile application offers all the features of Gecko HRM. Employees and managers can read company news, view their data and assignments, and submit and approve requests.

What kind of technical support and training does Gecko offer to its clients?

As part of the Gecko User Subscription, we ensure clients receive ongoing assistance tailored to their needs. This support encompasses various aspects, including guidance on effectively utilizing Gecko’s features and functionalities and help with more complex tasks such as creating reports. Our dedicated support team is committed to providing prompt and reliable assistance, empowering clients to maximize the benefits of Gecko HR and address any challenges they may encounter.

How often is Gecko updated, and how are these updates managed?

As part of Salesforce, Gecko HR Application undergoes regular upgrades three times a year. These upgrades ensure our platform remains at the forefront of innovation and functionality. Users can expect new features, enhanced performance, and improved usability with each update, keeping them ahead in HR management. This commitment to frequent upgrades reflects our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our clients, empowering them with the latest tools and technologies to streamline their HR processes.

How does Gecko help in ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations?

Gecko supports local legislation for Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. However, our application’s flexibility extends beyond these borders, allowing seamless customization to accommodate the unique legislative frameworks of other countries as the need arises. This adaptability empowers organisations to navigate diverse regulatory environments confidently and easily expand their operations globally.