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Fast and Structured Implementation Process

1. Project Planning

Together with your team, we set up the timeline for the implementation and defined your priorities, deadlines, roles, and responsibilities. You will have a project manager assigned to you for the project's duration.

2. Data Preparation

Various HR data you may keep in different apps, sheets, and databases will be collected and prepared for migration into Gecko. You will get templates to collect the data to be ready for import.

3. Configuration

Based on the project plan and timeline, we configure each module for you, and once they are tested, they can go live. You can start using Gecko while we implement the rest.

4. Integrations and Customisations

If you want to integrate with other systems or customise Gecko for your own needs, this will be defined in the project plan and prioritised based on your requirements.

5. Onboarding and Testing

Before going live, your HR admins will get training for using and managing every module of Gecko. Go-live happens after intensive testing and user acceptance.

6. Go Live in 8 Weeks

Most of our clients are happy with the functionalities of Gecko product. If there are no customisations, you can go live in 8 weeks!

Ongoing Support

Our customer success team will always be one click away if you need help using Gecko.

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