February 14, 2019 2 min read

360° Reviews are Time Consuming? Nah!

One of our customers wanted to revamp their 360° Review Process. Their current process was manual intensive with paper and spreadsheets. The kicker they had to do over 1000 evaluations by hand, get the results back and add them all up in a spreadsheet and finally create a report to give to the employees. Now imagine if you could do that with just a few clicks, and at the end automatically generate a report that is emailed to your employee. That is exactly what we did in Gecko HRM!


Daniel Bogoev , Gecko HRM Solution Architect

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1. The Set up

The key driver behind the design was simplicity. Give the users the tools and simplicity they need from start to end of the 360° Review process. This starts with a 360° template where HR Administrators can themselves assign sets of scores and the questions that will be on the evaluation. There are no limits to the number of questionnaires one might create, different department, job positions etc… The important take away is that once you create the template it can be re-used over and over again.

Second is the automation process of assigning who will evaluate the employee. Gecko HRM automatically assign their supervisor and team members based on the information that is available. This are suggestions and can be removed, new reviewers may be added, and of course more then one at a time.

2. The Execution

Before the evaluation process begins, within Gecko HRM you can make a company announcement. This tools let’s you create an announcement template with an acknowledgment receipt, if you wish to have your employees confirm that they have read it. The announcement may be send out to the whole company, department or even a group of individuals.

Once the announcement is send out, it is time for the reviews to begin. With a few clicks of a button, all the emails are send out at once to the reviewers. The email contains a direct link to the assessment. The actual assessment takes a few minutes, of course depending on the number of questions you assigned to the template.

Automatic email alerts are send out before the assigned completion due date. Of course Gecko HRM offers the capabilities of text messages, as well as Slack reminders. With the easy to create dashboard, you can track how many assessments have been completed and how many are still pending.

3. The Results

Once all the results are in, it is time to generate the 360° Reports. The HR Administators selects the employees for whom they want to generate the report and with the click of the button automatically creates the report. The final report is sent as an attachment to the employee.


The 360° is no longer a time consuming tideous process. With just a few clicks you can complete the whole process from generating the assessment to sending out the final report to the employees.