6 reasons to choose Gecko HRM

1. Friendly


Instant gratification is the new norm of today’s generation.


In today’s world, information must be easily accessible. Gecko HRM does just that, it is accessible to all employees and from anywhere (mobile, web browsers) and most importantly – it is modern, friendly and intuitive allowing for quick access to vital information while on the go. Community collaboration allows employees to stay in touch and share ideas and resolve challenges as a team. With powerful search capabilities which combs through your entire HRM application, you can quickly find the information you need.

2. Powerful


The new age of HR and social collaboration in the palm of your hand.


Gecko HRM brings the tools that are needed to work collaboratively, mobile and in real time. The application is no longer just a storage for data. Tools that are easy to use, which empower your users to create their own reports and dashboards with simple drag and drop functionality. With a powerful and secure Application Programming Interface (API) it is easy to connect to your existing systems (ERP, Data warehouse, Time & Attendance…). Of course out of the box integration with your email and calendars.

3. Tailored to you


The only limitation of the Gecko HRM Application is your imagination.


Gecko HRM due to its powerful technology offers a tremendous amount of flexibility. With the ability to pick and choose which modules you want to implement, from administrative HR to strategic Talent Management. Customizations can be completed much faster with workflows that are easily configurable allowing for quick implementation of your business processes. Our customers have even gone beyond HRM and are using it for project management, social collaboration or as a content sharing site, all this is possible with the addition of Gecko apps. The Salesforce platform supports multiple languages, to see the complete list visit Salesforce Language Support

4. Salesforce Technology


Salesforce Technology makes Gecko HRM easy to use, flexible to your needs and fun!


Salesforce technology is all about the user experience, giving the users the tools they need to perform the roles in the most optimal way possible. Reports and analysis in real-time to make quick decisions on the go. Easy drag and drop functionality allows for the personalization of the application to the users preferences.

5. Secure


Security is the top priority for Salesforce Cloud.


Gecko HRM is hosted in the Salesforce cloud and enjoys the benefits as one of the most secure cloud solutions today. The key to Salesforce success is the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. Security can be divided into two major components application level and data level (cloud).



The Salesforce application platform allows for multiple application access controls. With user profiles you can restrict login times, login IPs, pages, records even which field a user can see and more. Single sign on is supported as well.


Data Centers

Salesforce has different privacy, security assessments and certifications performed by third parties. Certifications such as ISO 27001, TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal and many more… Data centers have multiple levels of security, from biometrics access, cameras, 24 hour manned security…


To learn more about Salesforce security visit Salesforce Trust

6. No Software/Hardware


No Hardware, no Software, no Worries!


Gecko HRM is hosted in the Salesforce Cloud and requires no local software implementation and the need to invest in hardware. With the Salesforce platform you are guaranteed to always be on the latest version and technology, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming upgrades.

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