29 Oct Are you enthusiastic or just satisfied? If you are a part of Agilcon, the answer is clear.

tina_profilna   Tina Troha, Expert for strategic HRM and Gecko HRM Consultant

I joined the Agilcon family almost a year ago as project manager of the Gecko HRM implementation. Before that, I had been enjoying working in the field of human resources management (HRM) for more than 13 years and experienced various practices in HRM with various employers and clients.

There were such who build the environment of absenteeism and presenteeism systematically, which necessarily leads in actively non-enthusiastic employees, and who then, when there has already been a lot missed and wasted, ask themselves (if they do that at all) whether there is something wrong with the employees who are keep leaving. And there were such who are increasingly aware of the significance of the already pretty hackneyed phrase “the employees are our wealth” and in fact, take measures in the direction of more enthusiasm among the employees. I must also mention those who try to make every effort to show in public how important their employees are. However, the reality behind their closed doors is, alas, pretty miserable.

Therefore, I was even more curious and attentive how they handle this matter in Agilcon. My “radars” were even more under alert to catch even so apparently insignificant little details because I participated in projects for raising the enthusiasm within my past work with the customers.


But first, I must clarify what exactly we dive into here. In everyday practice with the customers, I actually notice that there is quite a lot of confusion with the meaning of being satisfied, enthusiastic, and what being or having a loyal employee. When it comes to the question of how to build an appropriate working environment the confusion is even bigger. Therefore, I find it appropriate to spend a little time on this clarification:

1. Satisfaction at work is simply that what people feel when working and in various perspectives of work. It is the matter of how much they like (satisfaction) or do not like (dissatisfaction) their work. We speak about pleasant or positive emotional state which is the consequence of the evaluation of one’s own work and working experiences.

2. We identify loyalty as an expressed feeling of an individual:

    • To belong to an organization or to a team
    • To wish to help their co-workers in the organization
    • To support his leader  
    • To act in accordance with working ethics and professionalism
    • To strive for collective good
    • Not to leave the organization in the times of crises  
    • To be honored to do his work
    • To spread the good name of the organization, and similar


3. Enthusiasm is a condition of emotional and intellectual satisfaction and loyalty which reaches beyond satisfaction (how I like things here) and loyalty (how much I wish to be here) to enthusiasm  (how much I wish to be here and how much I actually do in order to improve the working results).

Is it possible then, that there are working environments where employees are only satisfied? Of course, it is possible. Are such companies successful? Surely not, in the long run.

A satisfied employee can actually be someone who does not perform a lot of work. Someone who takes a very very long lunch break or a coffee break. Someone who can perform work for his afternoon activity during his working hours because of the distribution of work among his co-workers. In other words, the reasons for the satisfaction of employees are not always connected with the goals of the company. A satisfied employee is also not necessarily successful, efficient, creative, innovative, flexible, persistent, enthusiastic, etc. Satisfaction of employees is a necessary but also an insufficient condition for the successfulness of companies.


We build enthusiasm with three apparently very simple, but still, in practice, very difficult “steps”. 

  1. Relationship
  2. Culture
  3. Opportunities

In the next blog: How do we build realitonships in Agilcon in 6 steps? 



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